Episode 009 – A Very Linty Vibe

We’re easing into things with this first episode of the new year. Eric is a little mellow, while Vania gets chatty. Vania almost mentions her new portraits zine, and we’re both pretty glad the holidays are over.

There’s more Tasma Mikrat 200 testing and a leaky bulk loader to mix things up.

I Hate Your Answering Machine
Moving to the answering machine message, we heard from a slew of folks about their film photographic resolutions for the new year. Zines are a big part of it, as is the idea of shooting more purposeful shots. Less is more!

Our own answers are much the same, though Eric’s was thwarted by that Tasma Mikrat thing. Vania wants to unload. You’ll see.

Let’s Call Aloy!
With all this talk of testing film, we gave a call to Aloy Anderson, a Lomography tester, rural explorer and all around sweet guy.

In this enchanting little interview, we talk those things, as well as his foray into in-camera cyanotypes.

Anatomy of a Shot
In a new segment we’re trying out, we talk about a couple of shots from our newish zine, Fuck Yeah We Do.

Vania recalls her Angel’s Landing shot from the great-for-hiking camera the Mamiya RB67, and the exhaustive hilarity that ensued.

Eric looks back to one of the first rolls he shot in the 1914 Brownie Box. He’s tried to capture this 2012 shot over the years, but has never managed it. Vania discovers why.

Zine Reviews
With a basket full of zines to review, we take on four this episode!

Vania takes on zines by previous-guest Anne Hollond (@annehollond on IG). And Eric looks at Toni Skokovic’s 07-26-19.

Together, they peruse two of Edward Conde’s zines from the past couple of years.

Let’s Go!
As we parted, we told you about the new website (which you’ve obviously found) and new mini-episode-experiments called Dev Party.

See you next Tuesday!

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