Episode 003 – Kinda Want To Go To Kansas


On this, the Third Episode – Kinda Want to Go to Kansas – Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) chit chat about their weekends. Vania shot (and took part in) a long board competition, while Eric shot a bunch of old rail cars.

The answering machine was filled up letting us know what they like about some of their favorite emulsions.

We also answer, with Eric gushing about Vericolor III and Vania surprising everyone with a soliloquy about Kentmere 100.

To get her take on it (and much more), we called up Anne Hollond (@annehollond on IG). Her answer is a bit from left field, but if you know her work, should be not surprising at all. The discussion drifted to Kansas and the flat Earth theory (which were weirdly not related).

We then correct some mistakes in last episode’s Colorama segment, and roll our eyes at Kodak a bit.

Eric gives his review of the film Vania sent him (Ultrafine Extreme 400). Vania decides that she’s ready for Rodinal. Finally.

We review zines by William Hopkins and Neil Pipper. And that about wraps it up!

Music was provided by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers.

003 – Kinda Want To Go To Kansas

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