Episode 002 – If You Set it On Fire, Then It’s Special


On the Second Episode – If You Set it On Fire, Then It’s Special – Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) check in with each other to find out how their recent travels turned out. While they both camped along US 395, they did so about 1000 miles apart. Vania focused on landscapes, while Eric tried to wiggle back into shooting small towns.

We had answering machine messages in response to the question “What keeps you shooting all through the year?” We also try our best to avoid answering it.

Unable to figure it out, we called up Brandy (@film_diary_of_a_redhead; @that365life on Instagram) and talked about projects, portraits and Pride, film and magic (the real kind).

Because Colorama photographer Neil Montanus died this past month, we thought it would be a good idea to do a dive into Kodak’s Colorama display, which ran for forty years in Grand Central Station. It was the world’s largest photograph, afterall.

Vania loaned Eric her Hasselblad 500EL, and Eric, though thankful, has got some feelings about it. Just how does it compare to a cheap plastic 620 camera? And why are we talking about dark jingoism?

We round out the episode with zine reviews of Views from Tucson, Issue Two by Kikie Wilkins (@kikiewilkins on IG) and All Of a Sudden I Miss Everyone by Karl Bailey (@karlbailey on IG).

Music was provided by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers.

Episode 002 – If You Set it On Fire, Then It’s Special

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