Episode 001 – A Very High-Tech Battery


It’s the very first episode of All Through a Lens! To start things off, we – Vania and Eric – introduce ourselves a bit before checking the answering machine.

The first episode asks “What draws you back to photograph the same places?” A bunch of folks called in to give us their replies.

To dig a bit deeper, we then call up Hannah Grace, a large format, hiking, new mom photographer who blows our mines with her badassery. Completely.

Recovered somewhat, we make plans to exchange cheap ass film and some moon camera with a high tech battery. A Zorki, perhaps?

We talk a bit about some upcoming ideas (movie night!) and covered some sad news – three times. This awkwardly leads us into advice from a stuffy dead white guy.

Some self-serving zine talk (with appeals for trades and zines to review) naturally wound us down.

The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers opened and closed (with some bits in the middle.

Episode 001 – A Very High-Tech Battery

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