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Dev Party – X-Ray in the Tickle Tent (Again-ish) All Through a Lens: A Podcast About Film Photography

Full show notes at:   On this weird little episode of Dev Party, Eric re-enters the Tickle Tent – his portable darkroom tent – to tray develop some Fuji HR-U X-ray film. Badly. He does it very badly. Meanwhile, Vania develops two sheets of color and somehow winds up with four sheets. What is this trickery? Find out!   Here is what Vania came up with…   And here is what Eric’s done with Fuji HR-U at 100iso devved in Rodinal 1+100 for 4ish minutes:   And here are some shots of the tent:   PATREON Thank you to everyone who supports us! Check out our Patreon for bonus episodes, extended interviews, early drops. Tons of stuff! THE CREDITS OF ENDING Music by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers Vania: IG, Flickr, Zines Eric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 Kits Tiffen: IG All Through a Lens: IG, Website, Patreon, Spotify Playlists  
  1. Dev Party – X-Ray in the Tickle Tent (Again-ish)
  2. We’re Still Not Back, But Here We Are
  3. Dev Party – Technically Technical Almost Panchromatic
  4. It’s the End of the Year As We Know It (And We’re On Break)
  5. Dev Party – Pulling Not Pushing

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