All Through a Lens

A film photography podcast that’s about a little more than just film photography.

Dev Party #23 – The Posi-Machine All Through a Lens: A Podcast About Film Photography

On this episode, we’re trying our hands at E-6 home development! Vania shot 35mm Ektachrome, and Eric shot a couple of Provia 4×5 sheets. Here are some shots from developing:Vania: IG, Flickr, ZinesEric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 KitsAll Through a Lens: IG, Website, Patreon
  1. Dev Party #23 – The Posi-Machine
  2. Episode 27: The Opera of Photography
  3. Dev Party #22: This Is Not a Bison Party
  4. Episode 26: From Russia with Photobooths
  5. Dev Party #21: Questionable Anniversary Party

Newest Episodes

Episode 27 – The Opera of Photography

We’re talking about Kodak Ektachrome – the history of the film and the various processes used to develop it. We’ll also give you some advice on shooting and developing expired film. We’ve got the answering machine question, some more trivia, AND we’ll give a call to Janet (@janet_built_a_wet_plate on IG), the woman who built her own wetplate camera. After a bit of small talk…

Dev Party #22 – This Is Not a Party Bison

On this episode, we talk about the Kansas town of Bison! We visited it this past summer and fell in love, shooting a LOT of photos there. Upon our return, we researched a bit about the town’s history and decided that it would be fun if we both developed Bison rolls while talking about the town of Bison! Both of us shot Rollei Retro…

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